db2000 Ver.9.x

A great and wonderful development environment created by Dr. Massimo Mascalchi (Italian developer), db2000 Ver.9.x is owned by us since July 2013.

db2000 Ver.9.x provides a set of common services to simplify deployment and management of business intelligence tools, reports, applications, and analytic engines.

db2000 Ver.9.x is a business intelligence platform that powers the management and secure deployment of specialised end user tools for reporting, query and analysis, performance management, and analytic applications on a proven, scalable, and open services oriented architecture.

db2000 Ver.9.x includes partner integration kits to allow users to access business intelligence information directly from within applications.

db2000 Ver.9.x also delivers an innovative end-user insight environment with flexible system management to allow administrators to deploy and standardise their business intelligence implementations with confidence.

With db2000 Ver.9.x you can create "live" dashboards that connect to any type of company data - from corporate databases to personal spreadsheets.

Add the clarity and convenience of visual analytics and personalized dashboards to your needs.

  • Are you having problems getting timely information from your internal systems in order to run your business effectively?

  • Do you have different databases or data sources in your organisation from which you need to extract information?

  • Do you need to securely publish information to any number of people inside or outside of your organisation?

  • Do you need to provide the ability to consolidate information in the form of reports and view/distribute them over the web?

  • Do you need to ask business questions and get quick answers from your data that you can then easily share with others in your organisation?

  • Do you need to track and understand key performance measures that determine the overall health and effectiveness of your business?

  • Do you need to turn your dull data into stunning visualisation to effectively help executives make decisions?

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is a proven world standard reporting solution. Crystal Reports is an intuitive reporting solution that helps customers rapidly create flexible, feature-rich, high-fidelity reports and tightly integrate them into web and db2000 Ver.9.x applications.