For all those who need a enterprise wide or department initiatives, to medium sized companies needing information to deliver on strategy, db2000 NFBI has a solution.
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db2000 NFBI works with a broad range of customers across industry sectors.
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  Why choose db2000 NFBI?
  • Over 10 years experience in business intelligence and data integration

  • Leading Crystal Reports and db2000 Ver.9.x

  • Use of the software within own developed applications

  • Proven success across a range of industries

  • Unrivalled technical and business knowledge

  • Long term commitment to partnering with clients

  • Dedication to continual training and skills enhancement, both for our staff and our clients

    ..:: db2000 NFBI (db2000, New Frontiers in Business Intelligence) ::..

Driving performance with db2000 NFBI

db2000 NFBI
is a focussed provider of business intelligence solutions. We are db2000 partners since 2001. To help our clients achieve their business intelligence goals, we have developed exceptional skills in reporting, data warehousing, analysis, enterprise query and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), statistical analysis, dashboards and performance management.

db2000 NFBI provides a full business intelligence service, from a high level system advisory service, to business intelligence software implementation and support to certified Crystal Reports and db2000 Ver.9.x training.
db2000 Ver.9.x is the most comprehensive program dedicated to business intelligence, reporting & analytics. Designed specifically for business people engaged in reporting and analytics as well as business intelligence professionals, this program provides specific, forward-thinking strategies and best practices. The programís compelling agenda has six tracks over two days with content covering data; business intelligence Strategy; performance; enterprise performance management - consolidation & planning tools; user adoption; architecture; training, skills & resourcing; visualisation; ownership; selection & co-existence of alternative tools in business intelligence. Now is the time to become part of a community that is dedicated to sharing ideas, improving skills, discovering solutions and driving more from what you already have.
db2000 Ver.9.x has been launched - download the product to see what's new...